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Increase Efficiency

EFFICIENCY with Document Management


Our goal is to substantially reduce your total cost of ownership and procurement by 50%. That translates in to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
“Government staff typically spend 35% to 60% of their time tracking down information.”
USA IMAGING offers a cost effective practical solution for any size agency’s document management goals with a turn-key solution for document management and GIS integration, streamlining internal business processes for all department.

Frameworks are manifested as two core applications that provide GIS functionality for a spatially enabled enterprise document manager and data unification...

The Enterprise Data Window Framework is a location based document management system with optionlal GIS functionality that requires NO third party software, which means that government and business agencies will not have to purchase any additional GIS or document management licenses to get this added functionality.
The Enterprise Data Window Framework upon installation, will integrate your existing GIS and departments going from merely capturing data to creating an enterprise  information hub.  Any data unification with existing systems will also have a metadata repository if desired, and this information can be made available to the entire organization or just a few departments.  Another benefit is that because the Enterprise Data Window is based on an app deployment so the maintenance model costs are extremely low.
Information is the lifeblood of your organization.  But managing it can be a real struggle.  We built Enterprise Data Window so everyone has access to mission critical documents through one unified application.  No longer is there a need to follow a physical paper trail, but instead everyone can share and access the information reliably and with increased efficiency.

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