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Geospatial Data

 & Document Integration

Geospatial EDMS On Every Desk

The Enterprise Data Window is a self-contained GIS enabled enterprise document  and data unification framework built with integrated document management and GIS functionality.  This framework allows end users to search documents by location or by entering traditional document search criteria, such as document title or document name. It is designed with the capability to index and manage documents using map locations as well as traditional document criteria.  IT staff can implement Enterprise Data Window so that it fully integrates with other legacy spatial and non-spatial business systems; adding custom functionality or business processes automation can also be easily accomplished.

SanGIS Land Base layer Integration with the rest of your data and documents
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EDMS Integration with existing software

INTEGRATE with Existing Legacy Data

Enterprise Data Window is the perfect solution for preserving your investment in GIS systems, such as ESRI, QGIS, Intergraph, or Bentley while expanding its use to more of your users. 


Enterprise Data Window can help you limit the expansion, or reduce, the costs of your existing GIS licenses. It is not a replacement software for your current GIS system, however, it is designed to eliminate redundancy and dramatically reduce operational costs by integrating with your current legacy data.  The Enterprise Data Window solution unifies your SanGIS land base geospatial data with your office and engineering documents, and provides efficient search and retrieval across all departments; it has a single management view and a common user experience for every department, regardless of document type or location. 



The introduction of Enterprise Data Window to replace, or create new business applications provides rapid ROI benefits that include:


• Create an Enterprise Information hub

• Replace Inefficient Manual Tasks

• Deploy Automated Processes to gain Efficiency

• Lower maintenance costs (one system instead of two or more).
• Reduction in redundant software license expense
• Reductions in staff time required for data retrieval

• Esri Data Integration

• SanGIS Land Base layer integration

• Permission based Access to your Data

• Data Ownership (no file obuscation)

• Cost effectiveness across the organization

• App Method Deployment

• Installation on every end user’s desktop with little training

Enterprise Data Window Benefits


USA IMAGING provides framework for date unification across departments
Enterprise Data Window is a GeoEDMS  with Implementation across departments

We are dedicated to the design and implementation of the ERP framework to provide data unification within and across departments and their supporting agencies. These systems are easy to deploy, integrate, maintain, modify, scale, and inexpensive to own.


USA IMAGING can manage the full lifecycle of application and database development including, but not limited to, business requirement analysis, solution architecture, system development, system deployment, client acceptance testing and final release.

GeoEDMS can manage the full life cycle of application and database development
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