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Enterprise Data Window Geospatial Document & Records Management Software Solution

The ONLY self-contained Geospatial Document Management Solution

For local and municipal government, GIS is the technology used to integrate or unify information across functional groups and departments, streamline business processes and provide business knowledge to all staff.  

GIS has always held out the promise of streamlining business processes, dispersing business knowledge throughout an organization and reducing the need for data silos and redundant data.


While “GIS on every desk” was the mantra in the 1980’s, this promise has since been  realized by software vendors or developers producing GIS web based applications. Business and government users found that GIS and IT staff could relatively quickly  implement browser based applications, which gave staff access to basic mapping functions with minimal integration or point and shoot document references. The web based solutions significantly reduced cost and dramatically increased access to GIS information.


Enterprise Data Window | GeoEDMS GIS enabled document management

GIS on Every Desk?

This framework decouples the task of distributing spatial and non-spatial business data from core GIS, legacy business and specialty GIS applications.  The geospatial records and document management framework requires no 3rd party software, runtimes, or licensing. During the design process USA Imaging developers focused on a rich client for the user, which increase performance dramatically compared with browser solutions  while maintaining the administration, deployment and cost of a web based solution.

ONLY Geospatial EDMS integrating SanGIS data, records and documents


We provide data maintenance tools, customs apps and strategies for spatial database maintenance and dissemination along with business integration strategies.  USA IMAGING’s goal is to provide choices to meet the needs of your organization, department, agency, or business unit.  Therefore, framework users will not need redundancy in application functionality or replacement of existing applications to start receiving immediate benefits.


Enterprise Data Window Custom App Development to enhance departmental data integration



Geospatrial EDMS, collect field date and integrate assets and documents
Enterprise Data Window on Mobile Device with SanGIS Land Base layer integration and Records Management Management
Enterprise Document & Records Management, with integration of SanGIS Land Base layers, Asset Management, Work Orders, Address Correction, Remote Data Collection and more.
Enerprise Data Window on MOBILE device

Free Trial

Not Sure? Try Enterprise Data Window for free and see how it will impact your environment. 

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