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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other questions that are not addressed here, please feel free to call us or email.


What is Enterprise Data Window Framework?


The Enterprise Data Window Framework is a location based document management system with GIS functionality that requires NO third party software, which means that government and business agencies will not have to purchase any additional GIS or document management licenses to get this added functionality.


We already have a GIS and EDM.  How does Data Window help?


Enterprise Data Window is our solution to GIS data integration and the rest of the business world. The framework is designed to integrate all metadata, business data, maps, documents, legacy database records, videos and relationships.  You will be able to streamline operations with a single management view and a single common user experience for every department, regardless of document type or its location.


Which is better, off-the-shelf or Custom build application?


Our application is designed based on an in-depth knowledge of document management and the best approach by which to search and retrieve information. We are continually adding new features and applications that are beneficial to a wide range of users. Off-the-shelf applications are for home use and do not address a centralized and secure database.


Does Enterprise Data Window handle geodatabase?


Yes, we integrate geodatabase.


Is it possible to deploy the Enterprise Data Window to all staff?


Yes. The Data Window uses an App model for deployment, so the installation is simple and easy while maintaining the robust powerful nature of a solid client side application.


How do we get started?


Call us at (858) 513-6565 or email us for a sales representatives for your area.


What type of database do we need?


You’ll need Oracle or MS SQL Server database which you’ll have to purchase separately or you may alreay have.  We can assist with installation prior to Enterprise Data Window deployment. If you already have Oracle, then you’re all set.


What are the system requirements?


Win XP 64, Win 7, 8 & 10. Minimum 6GB RAM

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