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USA IMAGING, Inc. extends an opportunity for qualified companies or independent agents to become a Value Added Reseller.


We Offer Generous Benefits


As a Value Added Reseller, you must understand why Enterprise Data Window is the best and only self-contained geospatial document management and document unification solution on the market today.  DataWindow competes directly with OnBase, Laserfiche and EMC Documentum, a few of the better known ECM products.  However, the distinguishing power of Enterprise Data Window is the ability to scale to any environment with the upgrade options to additional or unlimited concurrent users.  Additionally, it is the ONLY-self contained solution able to manage document and integrate geospatial data through one common user intergace.  A value added reseller would have little trouble convincing the customer of the financial benefits of Enterprise Data Window.   To buy the features of Enterprise Data Window in the OnBase or Laserfiche plus 3rd party GIS solution, the cost would be $120,000.00-$180,000.00.   In the past few years, we discovered end users that had a $80,000.00 ++ budget were becoming fewer and fewer.  For this reason and many more, Enterprise Data Window is a perfect fit and a great cost saving and efficiency increasing solution.  For an enterprise installation of Data Window, it is half the cost of multiple 3rd party software’s bundled together attempting enterprise document management and geospatial data integration.  (Remember, this includes document and records management with a powerful SanGIS Land Base layer integation and GIS functionality to run complex GIS reports, integrating geospatial data, fully functional map module, comprehensive document and records management and much more.)

Geospatial EDMS VAR

Value added resellers can target many different industries.  Enterprise Data Window is suitable for local, county, state government, oil and gas, construction, engineering, surveying, insurance and many others.  In short, any agency or company dealing with documents, GIS maps, internal or external project management will benefit from Enterprise Data Window and increased efficiency by doubling productivity.  

Our primary marketing focus is on a local level; County of San Diego, City government agencies and water agencies with limited budgets and perhaps an existing antiquated EMD and perhaps looking at an alternate GIS solution.  San Diego government agencies use SanGIS Land Base layer that seamlessly integrate with Enterprise Data Window enhacing your GIS and document management capabiliy through one application and a single user interface.  We are also focusing our marketing at the low to mid size companies, since they will experience an immediate benefit with the powerful enterprise document and records management software.  


Our secondary marketing focus is on large government agencies to unify documents and integrate SanGIS Land Base layers and other gis data to significantly reduce their yearly EMDS and GIS operational budget, resulting in profound increase in efficiency in day to day tasks.


Why Should a Company Consider Becoming a Reseller?


A Value Added Reseller can expect three outstanding benefits:


  1. 100% profit margin

  2. Protected territory

  3. Fast learning curve

  4. The only self-contained Geospatial EDMS


A value added reseller does not need to worry about ease-of-use. Training can be done remotely or on location and installation and setup is fast and done remotely in most cases. USA IMAGING can be partially or fully involved for those first installations and setups.


Become a part of a great movement to unify document management and geospatial data.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for any existing IT/DIM/ECM/GISP solution provider.  We work with our business partners to make Enterprise Data Window a success.  For more information on becoming a value added reseller, please call 1-858-513-6565 or click on the link bellow and fill out a short form.

Featured Value Added Resellers


Febuary, 2015

Polaris Digitech in Nigeria, is a Value Added Reseller of our software solution Enterprise Data Window.

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