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Document Management Software


USA IMAGING is a provider of innovative location based, Geospatial Enterprise Document Management Solutions called “Enterprise Data Window”. With the software framework focused on document unification, customers are able to streamline operations and services with a single management view and a common user experience regardless of document type or location.

Award Winning Document Imaging Services 

We are a software and service company that specializes in Geospatial Enterprise Document Management with GIS integration tailored to the needs of local governments, municipal and private utilities and businesses.  We use a native app for deployment much like your mobile device, while maintaining the feature-rich and robust nature of a workstation that you will not have in a web application.

Enterprise Data Window Exemplary Systems Award CalGIS 2012, Geospatial Document Management Software

Solutions INNOVATOR!

Bridging SanGIS Land Base layers and Document Management Software Solution
Geospatial EDM software for document and GIS integration

Common User Interface

More than two-thirds of all companies and agencies use multiple software to manage documents and GIS data.  Enterprise Data Window delivers a single access solution for unified (simplified) document management and ESRI GIS Data integration that eliminates software redundancy. By using the ONLY self-contained Geospatial Document Management Solution, you will come to recognize the time-saving advantage of simplified and efficient agency-wide service delivery.

Municipal, utility and private industry managers alike are increasingly relying on Total Cost of Ownership TCO as a methodology for quantifying IT investments. Past investments in financial and accounting software, permit and work order software, GIS and document management software to name a few have proven to be valuable tools, but the maintenance of these tools from one technology trend to the next can be fairly costly. USA IMAGING’s GeoEDM Solution provides staff, services, and products targeted to address the increasingly complex environment of information management as our choices become greater and data more abundant.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Enterprise Data Window GEO EDMS is an Affordable solution for every San Diego Government Agency

For our clients, these products and services reduce the cost and time required for daily business activity. We do this by connecting or unifying the different data elements at your agency so they work as one piece of information. The first step is connecting your existing GIS mapping data with the agency or company’s business documents. A document can be defined as a read-only connection to an existing database like customer service, permits or work order systems or it can be a traditional scanned copy of a physical document to be stored and indexed. The development of data maintenance processes and procedures is key. The goal is to reduce the amount of time and effort spent researching and gathering disparate data for any given project or location.

GeoEDMS, Enterprise Data Window, GIS, geodatabase

Your First STEP

We define ourselves as a “software solutions provider” and not a software vendor. As such, no 3rd party GIS or EDM licenses are required to put powerful mapping and document management functionality on everyone’s desk. Our software solution is designed with the cost benefits and administration advantages of a rich internet application (RIA) with the power and speed of a desktop.

How We Define Ourselves

GeoEDMS, Geospatial EDMS, only-self contained document management with GIS integration
Enterprise Data Window Framework, GeoEDMS, GIS, geospatial integration integration

The Enterprise Data Window and Enterprise Application Manager are essentially frameworks. These frameworks are manifested as two core applications that provide GIS functionality for a spatially enabled enterprise document manager and data unification tool called the Enterprise Data Window; and an application manager to manage objects like users, directory structures and permissions for the data window.  These 2 applications begin with core functionality but additional modules can be developed to handle new or replace legacy business processes if necessary. These frameworks can start small and grow as the organization grows by adding capacity, capability, and additional users.

Framework as 2 Core Applications

Application Framework
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