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Data Disposal also referred to as shredding is an important part of our overall value-added service.   After we have scanned your documents, we have partnerships with the means to destroy the documents in the most secure way, which is by disintegration (much more thorough than shredding ) or incineration.


We do not recycle because with our process there is nothing left of your documents.  Once documents are shredded either on-site or off-site, the remains are disintegrated or incinerated, leaving nothing.  We have partnered with the best company in San Diego.


This process is most efficient and cost-effective because there is no need to recycle thus, eliminating the need for additional energy resources for recycling.


Data Disposal is the last step in our Go Green Solution, the quest to reduce paper and lessen the impact on the environment, thus closing the loop on the document imaging process.

Key Benefits


– Secure Destruction of Data

– Process of Disintegration

– No Waste Product

– Certificate of Destruction Issued   



On-site Data Disposal available ONLY in San Diego, CA. Please, contact us for a quote at (858) 513-6565 or email at

Data Disposal Partner

We partner with the best company in San Diego, with over 20 years of experience, providing the most comprehensive document destruction.

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