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The most efficient way of translating physical information (paper, mylar, blueprints, etc.) to digital format is SCANNING. By the process of scanning documents and drawings alone, you eliminate paper, go digital and help the environment by going green. The ever-growing concern for the environment compelled us to offer an environmentally friendly solution to aid in reducing paper by utilizing technology, procedure, document management solution and finally, data disposal.




What to do with All that paper? How do we dispose of it?


We will implement our “Green Paper-lite Project.” We will never go “paperless”, but we will eventually reduce paper usage by 90%.



How It Works


We will develop an action plan from start to finish. The process begins by reviewing your current system/process, mapping out a strategy for scanning, data capture/indexing, data organization, database design (unifying with your current data sets) and integrating with your document management software.


Green Document Scanning Services and document destruction

Reduce Paper by Utilizing Technology, Proceedures and EDM Solutions


Reduce Eco Foot Print With Our Green Solution

Document Scanning to PDF, FREE pickup and delivery

We are attempting to reduce the eco-footprint by implementing the full Imaging cycle from scanning, indexing, data integration, sharing, managing to disposal (incinerating/shredding).  We can pick up your physical document daily, weekly or monthly, capture relevant index fields and provide you with a database to integrate with your document management software.

Enterprise Document Management

Why not store all your paperwork and files in the cloud or on the computer and rid yourself from the mess of paper? Technology has advanced greatly up to this point and finally, we have document management software solutions to help adjust to a paperless office and combine eco-friendly habits to the workplace.  Saving on hard cost and labor doesn’t hurt either!

Going Green

“Going Green” has acquired a new meaning when faced with the challenge of rising energy costs.  Concern for the environment and tightening of budgets throughout multiple industries are the most visible manifestations and often seem to stem from a lack of saving paper.



Privacy and security of your physical and scanned records is our highest priority.  Once documents are scanned, they are securely stored and after 15 days shredded and disintegrated.  Digital images are stored on the HIPAA compliant secure server allowing you access via SFTP any time.  The remote electronic repository and access is FREE for the first month after which a monthly or annual maintenance subscription is required.  (See Price List).  All digital documents are electronically shredded from our scanning stations, leaving no trace of them.


We understand the risks associated with the movement of client documents.  That’s why we track all documents from the initial pickup, through the production process, and to delivery through a documented chain of custody.  We provide secure transport during document pickup and delivery services, and we offer encrypted media delivery upon request.  Our document security includes:


  • Local pickup and delivery by USA IMAGING personal with security clearance

  • Transmittal sheets required at each drop-off and delivery by authorized personnel

  • Documents secured at every point

  • Delivery media encrypted upon request

  • Document chain of custody

  • All documents treated as confidential

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