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Integrate ESRI and Documents in


ONE Common User Interface


EDMS with Integrated GIS

The ONLY Self-Contained Geospatial Enterprise Document Management Software Solution


2012 Winner of "Exemplary Systems Award"

Esri Data Integration

The Enterprise Data Window solution can best be described as powerful and simple, and the ONLY self-contained Geospatial Enterprise Document and Records Manager on the market today. With GIS functionality supplying a robust set of search tools for locating documents across properties and utility assets, the enterprise data window model provides an extremely low cost solution for delivering an organization's knowledge base to its entire staff. USA Imaging Inc. accomplishes this by focusing on the concepts of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) driven software development.  One of the keys to this type of application development is to focus on the unification of the data within an organization without disrupting the current processes.

The Enterprise Data Window only requires read-only access to legacy, or already in-place data and does not require ArcGIS Server or any other 3rd party GIS or document management software, runtimes or licenses.  This means that organizations not only can improve efficiency, but the licensing cost of other software can be stabilized or reduced even when deploying to an entire organization.


With our EDM Framework, your agency will be abel to integrate Esri Data, have access to its SanGIS land base layers (parcel, address, street, zip_code) and any associated engineering or business documents through a single user interface.  GIS and document management functionality are included in our solution, so no additional GIS or document management licenses are required.


With a free trial of Enterprise Data Window, your agency will have the capability to associate your SanGIS land base layers with your engineering and business documents throughout the agency.  SanGIS

EDMS with GIS Tools

Powerful Enterprise Information and Records Management Framework with optional GIS Integration

Enterprise Document Management Solution

Create an Enterprise Information Hub with DataWindow

Enterprise Data Window is a sophisticated Enterprise Document Management (EDM) and Records Management  (ERM) framework allowing optional GIS integration with tools and capabilities for business and government agencies.  It is designed for any size government agency, office and organization in any industry; it supports unlimited concurrent users and can be easily scaled to support hundreds to thousands of users.  Enterprise Data Window has an easy to use, and intuitive interface with easy to use functions to quickly index, store, search, manage and view documents and much more.  With Enterprise Data Window, you'll replace inefficient manual tasks with automated processes to gain competitive edge and efficiency while creating an enterprise information hub.


Optionally, the user has available powerful GIS tools to select, view and search within geospatial data and generate reports with a simple click of a button.  The interface was designed specifically with the end user in mind to minimize or eliminate learning curve, and to maximize efficiency.  ArcGIS server or 3rd party EDM like Laserfiche or Documentum are not required because Enterprise Data Window integrates full array of self-contained GIS tools eliminating redundant software. 


In addition, our solution has the added ability to associate your agencies documents and records with existing GIS layers such as water, sewer, fire and land assets as well as integrate service request, customer service,  work order and account information from other solutions.

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