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Document Indexing

Document Indexing is NOT Optional.  Assessing your organization’s indexing needs.


Conversion from paper-based filing to an electronic document management system (EDMS) requires significant planning.  Indexing digital documents is not optional.


One of the most useful application tasks of document indexing or data capture is collecting information from paper documents and saving it into databases (Oracle, MS SQL Server and others). There are several types of basic technologies used for data capture according to the data type. Indexers are given instructions by the customer about what entries should be included and how many entries an index should incorporate. The depth of indexing describes the thoroughness of the indexing process with reference to exhaustivity and specificity.




Organizations have traditionally relied on paper filing systems for document storage and retrieval. However, paper records are extremely difficult to manage because they have to be stored in and retrieved from only one place. Electronic document management systems (EDMS) solve many of the storage and retrieval problems inherent in paper filing systems while simultaneously reducing business costs. EDMS’s manages storage and retrieval of many different types of digital documents, including word processing files, spreadsheets, database files, e-mail, voice mail, scanned images, and Internet/intranet HTML documents.


Organizational Benefits of Indexing

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