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Large document scanning services, scanning plans, blueprints, to PDF

Large Document Scanning

Document Scanning is the MOST efficient process.

The most efficient way of translating physical information (paper, mylar, blueprints, etc.) to digital format is document SCANNING. We have been in the document scanning industry since 1989, and are familiar with all aspects of document scanning utilizing the latest scanning technology from CONTEX. We scan a variety of document types which include: Paper, Vellum, Mylar, Sepia, Old frayed blueprints, B/W, color, Aerial Photos, up to 800 DPI, 48bit color, Indexed color, 16bit gray-scale. Affordable, established and professional document scanning in Poway,

Our Commitment

We scan thousands of engineering drawings as well as office documents.  Since 1991, our focus was to become the leader in document scanning in Poway and San Diego, utilizing the best scanners and technology available.  As a result of our commitment to quality, we have quickly established a reputation for high-quality document scanning in Poway, great attention to detail and always delivering more than we promise.  We became specialists in scanning the worst and oldest drawings with high-quality results.  Our commitment to quality for your project has not changed.

large document scanning, engineering plans, blue prints, indexing

Our Capabilities


We scan a variety of document types including paper, vellum, mylar, sepia, old frayed blueprints, B/W, color and aerial photos. We can scan up to 800 DPI, 24bit color, Indexed Color, 16bit gray-scale delivering the best quality image. No matter whether we scan maps or drawings, we always capture every detail, on the first try. We're here to meet the scanning needs for every industry.  Call us today or request a price quote.

Scanning all types of documents, mylar, velum, paper in color and monochrome

Simple is NOT often Better


All documents are typically scanned at 300 and 400 dpi. 400 DPI is often used to capture and preserve historical detail and retain the high integrity of old original documents. We are not another blue-print company, ramming documents through a machine. We take the highest care when scanning, paying attention to detail, paying close attention to varying contrast and material of each document. Not all documents are the same so they can not be scanned with the same parameters. All scans are reviewed for quality, ensuring that you get the BEST possible scan.

Large document scanning, high resolution, BEST QUALITY since 1991

Platinum Quality Assurance


1. QC during scanning
2. QC after image rectification
3. QC during file indexing
4. QC of EVERY document before finalizing

100% of images are viewed for Quality Assurance. No exceptions.

USA IMAGING Assurance Quality for your scanned drawings.

"We recognize the importance of retaining high quality and legibility of captured legacy data."

Highest Quality


Our scanning is of the highest quality with a minimum of 3 quality checks prior to delivery.  With our Highest Quality scanning, you will not have to re-scan any document(s) at a later time due to illegibility or poor scan quality, spending additional money with a different vendor as, unfortunately, is often the case.  Sometimes, the original document is poor, hence, a poor scan result, which we identify and note it for your reference.  No surprises.  No scratch marks, as often seen when the scanner is inadequately cleaned, producing vertical lines on the scanned image.  This is often overlooked during scanning by an inexperienced technician and not checked before final delivery.  It is also a result of a cheaper priced vendor.  You don't often get what you pay for and, "cheaper is not always better".

Scanning Technology



Privacy and security of your physical and scanned records is our highest priority.  Once documents are scanned, they are securely stored and shredded only when ready with customer written authorization.


We understand the risks associated with the movement of client documents.  That’s why we track all documents from the initial pickup, through the production process, and to delivery through a documented chain of custody.  We provide secure transport during document pickup and delivery services, and we offer encrypted media delivery upon request.  Our document security includes:



  • Local pickup and delivery by USA IMAGING personal with security clearance

  • Transmittal sheets required at each drop-off and delivery by authorized personnel

  • Documents secured at every point

  • Delivery media encrypted upon request

  • Document chain of custody

  • All documents treated as confidential

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