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Only, self-contained Geospatial EDMS

Integrate GIS | Unify Documents | Eliminate Redundancy | Increase Efficiency
Scan | Index | Manage | Retrieve



Award Winning Document Scanning, CAD Conversion/Drafting, Remote data backup and shredding



Improve Efficiency with Geospatial EDMS.  Remote data/information collection, asset management, and more



Unify Data & Documents.  Full cycle integration from scanning, indexing, integration and solution deployment

EDMS on mobile device with GIS tools, asset management, document management.
Integrate GIS data with EDMS for a powerful and the ONLY self-contained GeoEDMS


Enterprise Data Window provides a conduit for organizations to easily view specific GIS spatial information and related documents in seconds.  Users can easily collect field info, access GIS layers and features while instantly displaying related GIS maps, assets, data and documents with a click of a button – all within one user interface.

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