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Our medical records scanning is of the highest quality utilizing the latest technology in document scanning by deploying variety of high speed scanners like, Kodak, Fujitsu and CANON.  

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HIPAA Security for Transporting Medical Records

When medical and other sensitive records are transported from one location to another, such as scanning service bureau, moving to a new office, closing a location, etc., appropriate steps are taken to safeguard the records whether electronic or paper to ensure and maintain HIPAA compliancy.

  1. Any electronic media containing Protected Health Information (PHI) is backed up before it is moved.

  2. Medical records are never left in an unlocked room or unsecured area.  Only authorized personnel have access.

  3. All boxes containing medical records are numbered and appropriately labeled so as not to misplace them.

  4. Records are never left unattended, even temporarily, including on pavements or in front of the building.

  5. An administrator supervises all aspects of the move to ensure that the transportation and proper, secure handling of sensitive records are maintained for transport.

  6. Once we reach our destination, we immediately make sure all items are accounted for, and again store medical records securely.

Latest HIPAA news. 

HIPAA Certification No Longer Required in 2015.


Medical records are never taken from secure medical records area without proper authorization.


Records moving between facilities are properly secured and never left alone in the vehicle!  To ensure adequate security and to protect records against weather, light, pollution and other dangers, the vehicle is:

  • covered

  • locked

  • attended at all times; and,

  • not used for transporting other materials, such as chemicals, that may cause risks to records.



Privacy and security of your physical and scanned records is our highest priority.  Once documents are scanned, they are securely stored and shredded only when ready with customer written authorization.


We understand the risks associated with the movement of client documents.  That’s why we track all documents from the initial pickup, through the production process, and to delivery through a documented chain of custody.  We provide secure transport during document pickup and delivery services, and we offer encrypted media delivery upon request.  Our document security includes:


  • Local pickup and delivery by USA IMAGING personal with security clearance

  • Transmittal sheets required at each drop-off and delivery by authorized personnel

  • Documents secured at every point

  • Delivery media encrypted upon request

  • Document chain of custody

  • All documents treated as confidential

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