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Affordable Document Scanning

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Prior to any legal-size document scanning process, documents need to be prepared where necessary for e.g de-stapling, un-binding, removing creases/folds, etc. Our scanning is of the highest quality with 100% of pages checked for quality during the process prior to delivery. We guarantee that you will not have to re-scan any document(s) at a later time due to illegibility or poor scan quality, spending additional money with a different vendor as unfortunately, maybe the case with less reputable and cheaper vendors.  We provide affordable legal page scanning in San Diego without compromising quality since 1991.  Legal page scanning San Diego. Scan to PDF

Document Processing

The document scanning or digitization of paper records (scan documents to pdf) for storage makes different requirements of the scanning equipment used than scanning of pictures for reproduction. While documents can be scanned on general-purpose scanners, it is more efficiently performed on dedicated document scanners.
When scanning large quantities of documents, speed and paper-handling is very important, but the resolution of the scan will normally be much lower than for good reproduction of pictures.


Medical Services  |  Financial Services  |  Higher Education  |  High Tech & Telecommunications  |  Retail  |  Transportation

Government         |  Energy                      |   Manufacturing      |  Other

Document Scanners


Latest Technology Scanners

We use top of the line, production document scanners by Canon ensuring the highest quality and timely delivery of any size project.


The imageFORMULA DR-G1130 is used for mission-critical centralized projects, scanning large amounts of documents, that can withstand the rigors of production scanning while maintaining high-speed, high-quality imaging.  Capable of scanning up to 30,000 scans per day and up to 130 pages per minute, the scanner can handle a variety of document types, making this scanner a workhorse in our production center.   

Office Page Document Scanning to PDF and OCR.



Production Document Scanner

This Canon imageFORMULA DR-X10C high-volume scanner scans up to 60,000 pages daily,  260 images per minute in color, black and white, and grayscale delivering reliable document handling.  With Kofax VirtualReScan® software and the built-in Kofax CGA Board, enables high-speed and enhanced image quality for powerful document capture.  
Office Page Document Scanning to PDF and OCR.


Resolution & Capability

The resolution used is usually from 150 to 300 dpi, although the hardware may be capable of somewhat higher resolution; this produces images of text good enough to read and for optical character recognition (OCR), without the higher demands on storage space required by higher-resolution images.  Scan documents to PDF is the affordable and most efficient way to digitize paper records.



Privacy and security of your physical and scanned records is our highest priority.  Once documents are scanned, they are securely stored and shredded only when ready with customer written authorization.


We understand the risks associated with the movement of client documents.  That’s why we track all documents from the initial pickup, through the production process, and to delivery through a documented chain of custody.  We provide secure transport during document pickup and delivery services, and we offer encrypted media delivery upon request.  Our document security includes:



  • Local pickup and delivery by USA IMAGING personal with security clearance

  • Transmittal sheets required at each drop-off and delivery by authorized personnel

  • Documents secured at every point

  • Delivery media encrypted upon request

  • Document chain of custody

  • All documents treated as confidential

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