Enterprise Data Window Defined as GeoEDMS a Data Unification Solution

To truly define the power and advancement of the only self-contained GeoEDMS, Enterprise Data Window (eDataWindow) solution, we would describe it as a Document Manager with GIS Functionality providing a data unification framework. USA Imaging Inc. is focusing on the concepts of Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) driven software development, and from a software engineering standpoint this can be a very powerful solution. The Enterprise Data Window only requires access to data and does NOT require any 3rd party GIS or document management software, run-times or licenses.

The introduction of eDataWindow to replace two or more independent business applications or to create a new business application will provide benefits that range from standardization, lower maintenance cost (one system instead of two or more), large reductions in staff time required for data retrieval to GIS/geospatial integration and document management with any business applications data or documents. In addition, it is cost effective and practical to put on all of staff's desk. Keep Your Existing GIS in Place Enterprise Data Window is not a replacement software for your current GIS system, quite the opposite. eDataWindow integrates with your current GIS system and data you already have and been collecting for years in terms of geographic information and related documents/records. eDataWindow solution unifies your spatial data, office documents, engineering documents for more efficient search and retrieval across all departments.

Statistic: The Gartner Group sites: "Government staff typically spends 35% to 60% of their time tracking down information prior to actually using it."

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