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Document Scanning San Diego  

Old and current documents such as forms, medical records and charts, legal case files, title insurance, applications, receipts , contracts or large engineering drawings, USA IMAGING will scan these documents whether you store them in boxes, shelves or drawers. Legal size documents are made searchable using OCR (optical character recognition) enabling you to search content throughout your organization or just your computer.  Our document scanning services  can help your business convert piles of paper into digital, fully searchable documents that are stored securely on-line so they can be instantly accessed during the course of the project and anytime after.

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Why Not Keep The Paper Documents?


Digital document storage will provide insurance against disasters in the workplace or where the paper documents would be stored. Some circumstances that imaging would be protected from are;



  • FIRE





All digital images can be backed up at any given time to protect you from lost data. It will also give you that peace of mind.

Cost of Managing Paper Documents

High Volume


We can scan high-volume of documents at once or, pack and we’ll pick up boxes of documents for scanning as needed, daily, weekly or monthly. Each box of legal-size documents is converted into “Image-Only” .PDF file (standard), or “Text-Searchable” .PDF file, indexed to a .DBF file (compatible with clients' specifications) and stored to an online account, DVD, or imported to your system with a database file corresponding to the digital image file.



Benefits for partnering with USA IMAGING


  • Increased security

  • Hassle-free services

  • Quick access

  • Saves hundreds of hours of imaging

  • Affordable

  • Customizable

  • HIPAA Compliant



We scan to the most common file types such as TIF, JPEG, GIF, and PDF.  JPEG and GIF require additional color setting adjustments to achieve the required results. We are able to generate a multi-page TIFF (not commonly used) and multi-page PDF’s with fully searchable text (OCR - Optical Character Recognition) which are more common and typically the desired file format by a majority of users and customers requiring compatibility with EDMS.




We provide file or folder level indexing with scanning but, also more comprehensive data capture services, aka indexing, tagging, and metadata from scanned images such as streets, title block information, customer, vendor, account number, etc.


Document Management


During our typical scanning process, a large engineering document is converted to “Image-Only” pdf file and, multiple sheets are converted to multi-page pdf to maintain a set. The file is then saved with file-level “filename.pdf”. If required, we will index/capture additional information to a database directly associated with a scanned image file. The database file along with scanned files are uploaded to our secure FTP site or can be imported into an existing database or synced with your document management system.



Privacy and security of your physical and scanned records is our highest priority.  Once documents are scanned, they are securely stored and shredded only when ready with customer written authorization.


We understand the risks associated with the movement of client documents.  That’s why we track all documents from the initial pickup, through the production process, and to delivery through a documented chain of custody.  We provide secure transport during document pickup and delivery services, and we offer encrypted media delivery upon request.  Our document security includes:



  • Local pickup and delivery by USA IMAGING personal with security clearance

  • Transmittal sheets required at each drop-off and delivery by authorized personnel

  • Documents secured at every point

  • Delivery media encrypted upon request

  • Document chain of custody

  • All documents treated as confidential

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